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Sludge Dewatering & Drying
Enviromental & Industrial
We offer all kinds of different types and machines for removing sludge from the settling tanks, the sewers, for pre- and main drainage, for pumping and various systems for sludge drying.
Decanter / Centrifuge
Belt Thickener
Pre Dewaterer
Scum Discharge
Solare Sludge Drying
Polymer Dosing & Mixing Station
Harbor, Pond & Lakes Cleaning
Sucking Boat
Boat Inlet Manifold
Hydro Cyclone
Pumping Station
Homogenize- & Storage Tank
Any Sewage Plant produce sludge, a form of biomass growing in the bio-basins and tanks. This biomass has to be evacuated and is difficult to handle.
Sludge out of the tank / pre dewaterer has a dry matter of 3 to 4 % DS, or only 30 to 40 kg DS per ton of liquid.
By mechanical dewatering to 20 - 25 % dry matter => 750 to 800 kg DS per ton of liquid.
This remaining water can extracted with thermal methods.

Sun is one of the Option
In southern areas open air drying beds or sludge lagoons are mostly used but have some well known problems such as:         
  • Bad odeur
  • Polluting the ground water table
  • General hygiene for the people handling the sludge
  • Forms the basis for annoying insects and germs
  • Not usable as fertilizer in agriculture

Covered Dry Bed in combination with air purification systems
The sun heated up the sludge and the covered dry bed. By this the temperature race up and the evaporating water passes into the ambient air. The air with the increased water vapor content is drawn by the fans through the air purification system and the odorants are eliminated.

In order to achieve even drying of the sludge in the dry bed, it must be turned continuously. For this purpose, self-working sludge turner are used. Once the sludge has reached the desired level, it can be removed from the dry bed using the known methods.

Its a simply good working system by useing the green energy of the environment.
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